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The great knowledge of the materials and the most advanced technology has led us to the creation of exclusive and original products absolutely “Made in Italy

S.G. start from raw materials such as brass and stainless steel and obtains the products using the latest generation of turning and milling machines.

No less important is the attention to the materials choise in its typologies and to all accessory elements for offering high quality products to our customers. (company website)


S.G.’s primary objectiveis to offer a costant evolutionof high precisionand qualityproducts
  • PRECISION : Advanced technologies and highly professional staff

  • QUALITY: Check and tests on all productions.

  • EVOLUTION: Continuous search for new solution to improve our daily lives.


  • 100% MADE IN ITALY
    S.G. Is proud to produce the REAL100% MADE IN ITALY
    S.G. produces products on projects collaborating in symbiosis with customers by refining the design/machine relationship
    Always we study innovative solutions that can improve ours and our children life quality.
    S.G. produces, independently, on 3 shifts 24 hours a day


S.G. srl is specialized in computerized numerical control mechanical processing.

We are structured to producesmall/large quantities

SG’s highly specialized and qualified staff offers high-quality products

We work closely with customers to resolve any problems.

S.G. it is constantly growing in the sectors of tapsand water systems

S.G. creates exclusive, original, absolutely “MADE IN ITALY” products. (company website)


Brass and steel are processed entirely within our laboratory.

Using the latest generation equipment for milling and turning parts, we start from rods of different materials (brass, aluminum, steel) and work on 3 shifts 24 hours a day.

Turning and milling machines with computerized numerical control (CNC) allow S.G. srl to cope with small / large productions making the company flexible and competitive on the market.

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    InGENIUS system is the first and only system in the world that revolutionizes the use of water, allowing instantaneous engagement/disengagement of all quick couplings, also facilitating test operations.